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Preschool Curriculum and the Benefits of Less Structure for Children

Boy PlayingA recent study published in the online in the Journal Frontiers in Psychology indicates that children with less structured schedules are better able to meet their own goals.

For the study, parents of 70 6-year-olds recorded their children’s daily activities for a week. The scientists then categorized those activities as either more structured or less structured, relying on existing time-use classifications already used in scientific literature by economists.

Structured activities include chores, physical lessons, non-physical lessons and religious activities. Less-structured activities include free play alone and with others, social outings, sightseeing, reading and media time. Activities that did not count in either category include sleeping, eating meals, going to school and commuting.

The results showed that the more time children spent in less structured activities, the better their self-directed executive function. Conversely, the more time children spent in more structured activities the poorer their self-directed executive function.

Read the study here

The Young School uses the Reggio Emilia approach to guide their preschool curriculum. In Reggio Emilia, the child is seen as  protagonist, collaborator, and communicator. Children are not passive receptors of teacher-generated knowledge but are able to construct knowledge based on their experiences and interactions with others. The teacher is a partner, nurturer, guide, and researcher. They are with the children, exploring, discovering, and learning together. The whole classroom community understands that each contribution is valued. This, in turn, makes children more powerful contributors to their own education. This is a less structured environment that allows children to explore and develop their own ideas through play and experimentation.

Join The Young School in Back to School Supply Drive

YOUNThe Young School family is proud to announce our partnership with the Preston Mitchum Jr. Foundation (PMJF) for their 11th Annual Back to School Supply Drive. Over the past 10 years, the back to school supply drive has provided disadvantaged and underserved children in the Baltimore area with school supplies and backpacks. We had such a wonderful experience last year that we’ve decided to support the drive again this year.

Please help us give much needed school supplies, back packs and clothing to the children in our communities who need it the most. Donations can be dropped off at Young School locations in Columbia, Gambrills, Westminster and White Marsh, Maryland from July 26th – Aug 22nd.

We’re thrilled to have this opportunity to partner with the Preston Mitchum Jr. Foundation again this year. Organizing community service projects with partners like PMJF is an important piece to The Young School preschool curriculum. These special projects provide us with the opportunity to teach children about giving and to inspire acts of kindness and positive change at a very early age. We are able to come together as children, families, teachers, and administrators to provide time, effort and materials to those in our communities who need the extra help. Please join us in helping to make this a great school year for all the area children. Every donation counts and will make a huge difference in the education of a child in our community!

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