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5 Activities To Do This Winter

Little girls ice skating outside on a pond

Winter break is right around the corner, so it’s important to have activities planned to keep your kids happy and busy during this time. We’ve come up with our favorite child-centered activities that promote learning through play and inspire kids to use their imagination, while having fun.

1. Go ice skating. Even though it takes some practice, it’s something your family can enjoy together. Start with little steps, then allow your child to try it on their own.

2. Build a snowman and make snow angels. Allow your children to get creative and use materials around the house to bring their snowman to life.

3. Read a book or do a puzzle. There’s nothing better than curling up with a good book on a cold winter day. Let your child choose a book and read aloud together. Building puzzles is a great winter activity that helps teach children shape recognition, problem solving and motor skills.

4. Bake cookies. It’s easy to get kids to help when cookies are involved! Allow your kids to do several tasks like measuring, mixing, rolling and even scooping the cookies onto the baking sheet.

5. Practice sensory skills with snow writing. With this activity, your children can practice the formation of letters and even use their imagination to create shapes and pictures. It allows your children to explore their sight and touch skills. DIY Snow Writing Tray.

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