Celebrating 25 Years of Educating and Caring for Young Children.


The Young SchoolSM philosophy and curriculum is based on respect for each child’s unique gifts and abilities, beginning from infancy. Our program is child-centered: promoting learning through play, fostering choices and independence, allowing children to develop at their own pace and fulfill their own potential. Our teachers are skilled facilitators of learning and nurture all aspects of each child’s growth.

Our Pre-K curriculum is a broad framework that provides many pathways for academic, social and creative development, as well as the in-depth exploration that encourages higher-level thinking skills in young children. Our unique Pre-K curriculum has been accepted as an Individually Developed Curriculum by the Maryland State Department of Education.

Classroom Areas and Learning Centers

Each Pre-K cottage is set up as a separate area within the cottage for two year old children (depending on birth dates). The rest of the cottage, for three, four and five year olds, is divided into a Project Room and a Great Room.

Every Great Room has a loft for dramatic play, a block platform, and rotating areas such as puppets, sensory, music, dress up, games and puzzles. The teacher in this area fosters social development skills such as negotiating and working cooperatively, as well as encouraging creativity and problem-solving.



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Every Project Room
has the following areas:

Language Arts:

Includes a writing and message center, listening center, book corner and mosaic tray, among other features. The teacher in this area fosters early literacy and communication skills in all areas including reading, writing and speaking.

Art Studio:

Includes a light table, clay area, easels, and beautiful displays of a rich variety of materials, including colorful and natural materials. The Art Studio teacher demonstrates techniques for art media (clay, watercolor, wire, paint, etc.) and fosters each child’s creative development. This area is central to life in the cottage as the children access the materials to bring their ideas to life in many different ways.

Math and Science:

Includes a shadow platform, sensory table, tool center, math manipulatives, and authentic science related materials. The teacher in this area fosters both math and science skills including number aptitude, measurement, patterns, experiments and observation skills.

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