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Our environment is designed to inspire
a child’s sense of wonder.

home-like learning space for children


The Young SchoolSM environment

The Emilio Reggia approach effects the environment

The emphasis placed on the Reggio Emilia concept of the “environment as the third teacher” sets The Young SchoolSM apart from other child care programs. The physical environment of our programs is a key component that provides rich opportunities for independent exploration and learning, fostering a child’s sense of competence and self-esteem as they learn and grow. We create an open environment that flows, offers rich visual stimuli and becomes an integral part of the learning process.


Children are encouraged to view materials as open-ended and to use them in multiple ways. Teachers guide children towards the purposeful use of materials and show that their work is highly valued by the care with which it is displayed in the environment.

Classroom Spaces and Learning Centers

A variety of classroom spaces focus on social-emotional development and cooperative skills, such as the dramatic play area, block area or loft area where children can climb. Learning centers offer hands-on opportunities for growth in areas of art, language, literacy, math and science.

Community Based, Homelike Learning Space

Each of our schools is divided into an intimate, home-like area in which your child lives. Within each trademarked cottage, the Cottage Director and her teachers provide a safe, secure and nurturing place where children can explore and learn.


Creative Emilio Reggia Inspired Play SpaceCreative learning environment for children
An environment designed for children

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