infant cottages

8 weeks to 2 years old

We provide a rich environment that is physically safe, educationally stimulating and nurturing. Each child is free to explore their environment and interact with their cottage community. Inspired by the “RIE” philosophy, fostering independence is a primary focus throughout a child's stay at The Young SchoolSM. This empowers children to be confident communicators from the earliest age.

We group infants by birthdays so they safely interact with other children within a similar developmental range. This environment is one in which each child is free to experience developmental milestones at their own pace.

Teachers care for no more than three infants, allowing them to focus their attention on being sensitive observers, caring for children while honoring the value of each child’s unique development.

see photos from our infant cottages below:

View photos of babies in the infants program at Young SchoolSM in Columbia, Gambrills, Westminster and White Marsh, Maryland

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