pre-kindergarten cottages

2 - 5 year-old children (2-3 and 3-5 year-old cottages)

Our preschool program has been influenced by the Reggio Emilia approach to early childhood education for more than ten years. Education should not be taught at a child, but should be an interactive and creative process that includes the children, teachers and families, creating a community of learners. We create an open environment that flows, offers rich visual stimuli, and becomes an integral part of the learning process. Our teachers are trained to see children through many lenses as they express their knowledge in a multitude of ways: through language, dance, clay, fine arts, math, problem solving, writing, physics, social interactions, computers, drama, story telling, blocks, drawing, reading, and the languages continue.

Since children often learn best from other children, we group the Pre-K cottage children by birthdays so they safely interact with other children within a similar developmental range (most often the breakdown is 2-3 years old and 3-5 years old depending on when the child’s birthday falls). This environment allows each child to experience and develop their unique talents at their own pace.

Within each cottage, children are divided into primary care groups consisting of up to 10 children and 1 teacher who serves as their primary caregiver. Each preschool cottage has its own Cottage Director who is part of the team of teachers. This provides an intimate hands-on support system for the teachers and families that make up each cottage.

see photos from our pre-school cottages below:

View photos of children in the preschool program at The Young SchoolSM in Columbia, Gambrills, Westminster and White Marsh, Maryland

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