Celebrating 25 Years of Educating and Caring for Young Children.

infant through pre-school age programs

Infant Care Program at Young School<sup>SM</sup>

Our Cottages Make All the Difference

Our patented cottage design provides a nurturing community where teachers and children are active participants and learners. A key difference is the amount of support our teachers, and therefore, the children receive in their daily environment. There is a designated Cottage Director for every three classrooms. The Cottage Director's role is to support teachers through training, role-modeling, guiding of behavior management, and as an extra set of hands! Families also have a primary contact at the administrative level that has spent the day with your child and your child's teachers.

“Evidence from early childhood research studies show that children who attend a high quality preschool prior to Kindergarten demonstrate greater academic achievement than their peers who do not attend such a program.”
– Preschool for All in Maryland Task Force Recommendations, Dec ’07



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Illustration of Young School<sup>SM</sup> by Emily, age 4

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