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At Young School, we are proud to support the working families and growing children of suburban Baltimore. Our innovative approach to early education is inspired by Reggio Emilia and Resources for Infant Educarers (RIE), both of which create a strong foundation for independent and creative lifelong learners. We are proud pioneers of the “Cottage” learning environment. Our unique setting gives children a place where they are honored as individuals and valued as participating members of the community. In everything we do, your child’s safety remains our top priority. That’s peace of mind for you as your child taps into the wonders of our dynamic, nurturing classrooms. 

Preschool Is the Place to Be!

Calling all 3-year-olds: Don’t wait! Preschool is an essential step on the way to kindergarten. Step up with us! But hurry, our school year is underway and classrooms are filling up!

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Keeping Families Connected

Open a window to your child’s day with live streaming video of their classroom. It’s just one of the exciting features you’ll discover with SproutAbout, our exclusive family communications app, that enhances and updates the digital experience for every family.

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It’s the ultimate summer experience! It will be a wonderful season, filled with friendship, playtime, discovery, in-house field trips, delicious food, and more. Experience the wonder of summer.

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Fostering Independence

We empower children to become competent, confident communicators as they grow in our care. We believe each child possesses infinite potential and our nurturing teachers partner with them to play an active role in the process. Here, children begin to understand who they are, how the world works, and how to embrace their natural curiosity to inspire a true love of learning. 

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Strong Image of the Child

Here, early education is rooted in the belief that all children are capable and competent. Our practices are inspired by Reggio Emilia and Resources for Infant Educarers (RIE). Teachers form strong relationships with each child to help them become active researchers and problem solvers who embrace their individual strengths and work to understand their thinking. Community is at the core of our approach and learning happens at individual, small group, and whole group levels.

Inspired Approach

Active Learning

We pour all our attention into children 5 and under to make sure they’re prepared for school, and for life. Our Cottage design is tailored to encourage growth in two distinct ages—infants (8 weeks to 2 years) and preschoolers (2 to 5 years). We believe social interactions and community play major roles in early development, so children remain grouped with their peers and teachers as they grow.

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A Unique Design

We are pioneers of Cottage-style classrooms that put children in control of their education. The patented design feels more like home than a traditional preschool space. We’re confident in its ability to act as another teacher, encouraging children to understand the importance of community, socialization, and involvement at an early age. 

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Decades of Experience

At Young School, we see each child as a unique human being with so much to offer to the world. Our classrooms and thoughtful curriculum are designed to tap into the endless potential of each student we have the pleasure of care for. We’re confident they’ll leave our school feeling prepared, capable, and ready to dig in and thrive.

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