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Our Classrooms Feel Like Home

Discover the difference of our unique, cozy setting—it feels like home! Young School values community so much, that we thoughtfully designed our classrooms to resemble Cottages. It’s a unique layout and approach that fosters creativity, independence, and social confidence. Here, children become active participants and engaged learners, creating a one-of-a-kind educational experience that sets them up for lifelong success.

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Keeping Families Connected

Open a window to your child’s day with live streaming video of their classroom. It’s just one of the exciting features you’ll discover with SproutAbout, our exclusive family communications app, that enhances and updates the digital experience for every family.

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Community Events

Throughout the year, we invite families to come out to seasonal or holiday events. We also celebrate special occasions, honor milestones and achievements, and recognize parents and grandparents. We value family traditions and want to bring people together to enjoy collective lessons.

  • Season of Kindness: Children learn important lessons in kindness, sharing, giving, and good deeds through community involvement.
  • Celebrations: We think birthdays are awesome and we love to make a big deal out of key milestones, including potty training and graduating into new classrooms.


Discover the benefits of our personalized curriculum and learn more about our tuition.

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Decades of Experience

At Young School, we see each child as a unique human being with so much to offer to the world. Our classrooms and thoughtful curriculum are designed to tap into the endless potential of each student we have the pleasure of care for. We’re confident they’ll leave our school feeling prepared, capable, and ready to dig in and thrive.

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Come see our unique Cottage design for yourself! We look forward to being your home away from home.

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