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Our Blog: March 8, 2024

Summer Fun at Young School

Summer break will be here before you know it. Count on Young School to keep your child engaged, learning, and having fun all season long during Wondercamp! With decades of experience and six locations to choose from, we are the premiere destination for early learning in suburban Baltimore

Secure your spot soon and embrace a summer of WONDER!

Patterns, Weaving, and Structures

Finding and identifying patterns, learning how to weave, and building structures connect to many essential skills. All summer, we’ll explore this important Foundation Project to build motor skills, engage in problem-solving, expand critical thinking, inspire curiosity, and understand cultural perspectives.

The exciting experience also includes:

  • Hands-on exploration stations with unique materials
  • Culinary experiments to mix, braid, and twist bread dough
  • Creative projects inspired by nature, such as weaving a nest or web
  • Virtual and in-house field trips to expand learning
  • Planning a classroom play to support social-emotional development
  • Healthy snacks to keep children energized

Summer Learning Zones

Trust our experienced teachers to keep your child engaged, safe, and happy. They’ll love seeing our exclusive Cottage classrooms transformed into Summer Learning Zones too! The kitchen may become a bakery and individual Cottages will become sensory-based centers to boost collaboration.

Children will interact with tools and materials to enrich their minds and imaginations. A school-wide STEAM atelier and a Water Play Zone outside are part of the unique summer experience too.

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