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Our Blog: July 7, 2023

Summer Fun at Young School

Welcome to our Young School Summer Program: Patterns, Weaving, and Structures!

The experience is designed to support the continuity of Reggio-based learning, along with some exciting summertime extras. It also helps children gradually transition to their new environments for the upcoming fall season. The program also supports teamwork and collaboration between the children, families, teachers, and Cottage Director.

Why Patterns, Weaving, and Structures?

Patterns are included in beautiful designs, but there is much more to it! Finding and identifying patterns is a basic human skill that allows us to understand, problem-solve, predict, and hypothesize about what might come next. Patterns are the basis of nature, mathematical thinking, scientific thinking, language, and fine arts. Understanding them helps us take what might seem chaotic on the surface and highlight a sense of order.

How does this process help children?

Noticing the patterns in their routines and everyday life prepares children to notice other patterns around them to build key foundational skills. Adding the additional elements of weaving and structures helps to support design thinking, motor skills, and varying cultural perspectives. It’s a topic that has infinite possibilities and can be tailored to the strengths and interests of each child and Cottage community.

What can you expect?

Teachers and children alike will stay engaged during the hands-on, explorative summer learning adventure. Here is an example of what elements you can look for throughout the series:

  • Reggio-inspired environments and essentials remain in use
  • Multi-age group and shared atelier with integrated pieces for all age groups
  • Splash Camp incorporated into outdoor exploration
  • Cottage Twos joining Pre-K to provide a gradual transition, beginning with project centers
  • Program building to a final, culminating community event

What is the Young School summer atelier?

Our summer atelier becomes the heart of the summer program. It is a place to represent our world in many ways and a gallery of inspiration and innovation. The atelier is a place to explore children’s ideas and theories. Children should be given the tools and materials to enrich their minds and imaginations. Interacting with rich materials in the atelier impacts our entire school’s approach to the construction and expression of thought and learning.

Here are some examples of Weaving Documentation from Summer 2022, thanks to our friends at Young School in Ellicott City, MD