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Our Blog: March 2nd, 2023

Explore Our Summer Program!

The countdown to summer break is on! We’re eager to share new, hands-on experiences to ensure children have an unforgettable summer at Young School. Our summer camp program supports Reggio-based learning alongside virtual and in-house field trips, engaging projects, a school-wide STEAM atelier, outdoor activities, and our Water Play Zone.

A Unique Experience

All summer long we’ll be exploring the themes of Patterns, Weaving, and Structures through curated projects designed to inspire curiosity and skill development. Pattern findings and identification help children understand problem-solving and hypothesize what might come next. Weaving and structures support design thinking, motor skills, and varying cultural perspectives.

To make the experience even more memorable, we also transform our beloved Cottages into Summer Learning Zones tailored to each child's strengths with plenty of hands-on interaction.

Foundation Project

Wondering what all of this means for your child? Last year, children attending the summer program at Young School of Ellicott City made so many fun and interesting projects. The Maple Cottage was transformed into an exploration station with so much to discover.

Weaving can take many forms and experimenting is part of the excitement! Within the Center Stage area, the kitchen became a bakery where children used ingredients to make the dough and then weaved it into braids and twists. Once baked, the children participated in gifting the prepared baskets to other students throughout the Cottage classrooms. 

Another weaving project was inspired by the spiderwebs found in nature. Children used ribbons, strings, rope, and other materials to create a large circular loom displayed below

Curious about the experience? Join us for Spring Break to get a preview! We’ll share some of the projects and activities we’re planning for summer in anticipation of all the excitement to come.

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